Rishikesh - a tiny town in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state is a religiously important place due to the presence of the river Ganga along with the stories of its connection with Lord Rama and Lakshmana. Two suspension bridges across the river Ganga also have their own name on the map of tourism as... Continue Reading →

A Martyr’s Well, Walls with Bullet Marks – Exploring History on Amritsar

A city which is famous for two shoot outs situated close to each other at a throw away distance with historical importance happened decades apart is what Amritsar is famous for. One is Jalian Wala Bagh, the name itself enough to remind the brutal killing of Indians mercilessly by British Army prior to Independence and... Continue Reading →

Wagah – A Border Where Indians Compete With Pakistanis for a Verbal Supremacy

Patriotism at its best is at borders not in cricket matches, not in movies, not in diplomacy politics. Billions of Indians are living peacefully each moment because a few of our brothers in uniforms living their life in extremely horrible weather conditions standing tall along borders without blinking an eye for protecting India from any... Continue Reading →

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