Nature amazed me from my childhood onwards, I remember fighting with others for window seat in train and buses to enjoy the beauty while travelling when I was a kid and on a honest note still do it without a fight to sit in the side seat, and I am sure it would be same for most of others here too.

In every country and state there are many places which happens to be famous tourist attractions, where the places have enough faces of nature that could be mezmerising for people.

But there are some states that is blessed by nature with some wonderful sights across a long stretch that one will be able to have amazing location throughout.

Last week I was looking through some old picture gallery and was surprised to see that few years back I shot above 100 snaps from a train journey filled with different faces of nature.
I am posting here few of the snaps hoping that you people could enjoy too.

Its a water body, Must be a lake

Zoom in, You could see homes in the middle
A long strem of water flowing along for a while before the train took a turn
A Village in the middle, mountains at the far end
Cool green from the railway line till the village
A road across the green field
May be some village houses under construction
Full of green stuff
It seems like nearing a city area, See people filling water in pots
Greenery all over upto the railway line
It looks like a painting, Is it?
Greenery and Stream together
A cityscape now in the back
A temple arch, towers and some construction too
Construction seems to be heavy, scene near to a crossing
Construction seems to be heavy, scene near to a crossing

A city life and village life in one shot

City profile goes with water body profile

I hope you are all enjoyed the journry. This is only upto the half stage of journey I completed. It will continue with one more blog soon.

Please let me know how was the snaps..

Best Regards…



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