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Malaysian delights at PappaRich Chadstone

Having recently traveled to Malaysia, and trying some authentic Malay delights, when Papparich popped up at Chadstone Shopping Centre, I was keen to drop in and sample the offering.

Given that Papparich is one of Malaysia’s most successful food chains, I was expected a pretty authentic experience- not at the level of the hawker food offering, but at least something that would be better than Australian attempts at Malay dishes. What I wasn’t expecting was a very intelligent restaurant experience, that meant that service was very fast and reliable, supporting an obvious business model of high table turnover.

The service at Papparich is not personalised, but very systemised. It’s a very popular destination, expect to wait for 5-20 minutes depending on time and day on arrival.  You get a ticket from the staff at the door after informing them how many patrons will be at your table. The staff then call you up once a table becomes available. On taking your seat, you get a menu with a large range of items, each with a code. To order, just write the code and quantity on the order form which is at your table with a pencil. Once that’s done, you push the call button at your table which prompts staff to come instantly to take your order.

The food comes out very quickly, as does your bill for paying at the cashier at the end. With so many staff, you don’t build a personal rapport with each staff member, but the system means you are served predictable food quickly, so it’s great from a service perspective. After the meal, the staff are keen to immediately take your plates and move you on as table turnover is high.

The interior is quite crowded with tables, and is coloured with tiles which all feature earthy tones. The kitchen is open style, so you can watch the staff preparing the various dishes.

As for the food, it was standardised. Wanting a slice of Malaysia, I had the Nasi Lemak with Malay satay. There’s a huge range of beverages not seen in Australia much like Malaysian establishments.

The dishes arrived in minutes and it was a good portion. The Nasi Lemak was generally good, but the rice was missing a little of the coconut hit. The satay tasted deep fried which was quite odd as I’m sure this is not how it was prepared. Perhaps the meats used are not the best? It wasn’t quite at the level I was hoping, which was Malaysia Airlines Business Class satay.

The best Malaysian food is in Malaysia, but since I can’t be there, Papparich offers a reasonable slice of Malaysia in the middle of Chadstone. You won’t be back for friendly personal service, but for fast efficiency, reasonable prices and decent food, I’ll be back.

Overview of Papparich Chadstone- Malaysian Delights

Food: Not perfect, but a decent slice of Malaysia

Ambiance:  Vibrant environment that’s reasonably well decorated to my tastes

Service: Don’t expect much human interaction, but highly rated for efficiency

Value: Better in bigger groups, but main meals are still nicely priced
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